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"Some of your strong points are that you are located within the Central Business District (CBD) and have a very nice view overlooking the Singapor River. Your pricing is also very enticing. On top of that, your good location makes your packages even more attractive." - Raymond Tang

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Virtual Office Solutions

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office service provides the business address that many startups or companies initially use on their namecards and other marketing materials. Basically, it is a form of renting the business address at an affordable price. It may be used to register with ACRA (Accounting Corporate Regulatory Authority), formerly known as the Registry of Companies & Businesses, which requires a registered business address for the principal place of business.

What are the operating hours like?

X-synergy operates Singapore local time 0900-1700 hrs. The lunch break is from 1300-1400 hrs. Most of the time, our consultants stay back till 1900+ hrs. If you wish to drop by the office later to collect mails/parcels, kindly inform our receptionist and she will make the necessary arrangements. What matters most is your convenience, not ours.

Can I register today but commence later?

Yes you may. We have clients who have signed up with us in January and begun their virtual office solutions only in July. They do so to enjoy our current promotions. There are clients who are currently with another virtual office operator and wish to make the switch immediately. You may sign up with us and commence the package on the day that your previous virtual office package expires. We are flexible in this aspect.

What is the minimum period for subscription?

The minimum period is 1 month for all packages and 6 months for Platinum Plus package (due to the setup costs of the dedicated line). For online signups who wish to enjoy our current promotion, a one year sign up is required. Payments are to be made in advance.

Are there any other hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs for the Basic Package, which is inclusive of GST. However, for higher end packages, a refundable deposit is collected for mail redirection and fax charges. S$0.30 is charged per mail redirected (S$0.23 for stamps and S$0.07 for envelopes) and S$0.30 is charged per incoming/outgoing fax (wef 31st July 08). The cost is inclusive of mail and fax handling charges. If the deposit is not used, it will be returned, in full, to you in the form of a cheque.

Is the phone line in the Gold Plus package dedicated?

Due to cost savings, it is a shared line. For dedicated phone lines, please refer to the Platinum Plus package. Only Platinum signups may opt for a voicemail system or call redirection after office hours.

Is your phone system able to do Phone Conferencing?

Yes, you may choose to do phone conferencing. We use the latest technology from Toshiba Data Dynamics high end strata digita phone systems. For eg, the receptionist answers a call from your client, puts him on hold, calls your mobile and informs you there's a Mr X looking for you. She is able to connect the two of you and leave the conversation. This is exclusive to the Platinum Plus package, as a free optional value-added service.

Do you offer discounts for the needy?

We are pleased to announce that for genuine cases, X-synergy will provide a free Basic Package and consultation to help the needy kickstart their dreams. May God bless you in your future endeavours!

What about discounts for members of clubs?

X-synergy has a different pricing scheme for members of clubs registered with us. Discounts have been factored into the pricelist. Kindly ask our friendly sales consultant for more details.

Can I register my home as the business address?

Yes, you may use your place of residence but this is subject to approval from HDB, the government authority. Only certain businesses are allowed to operate from home and you will have to obtain the approval code before commencing on registration of the business. A fee must also be paid to HDB, the government authority. There are many drawbacks with regards to registering your home as your business address; such as walk-in clients, lack of credibility on namecard, and the recent law regarding original software to be used by all commercial entities, contravention of which would result in a hefty fine being imposed. At a very affordable fee, you may engage a virtual office solution.

Can I upgrade my package during the period of use?

There will be no charges for any future upgrades, you just have to pay the difference in price. Please note that clients who wish to upgrade will be given the option of upgrading at the current promotional price.

Do I register with X-synergy first and then ACRA?

ACRA requires a business address for registration purposes. Therefore, you must register with X-synergy first before registering with ACRA. For urgent cases only, you may proceed with the registration with ACRA followed by making payment to X-synergy for the official tax invoice.

Is this a new office?

Being the first building located along the Singapore River, the address you will obtain is 10 Anson Road, #18-17 International Plaza, S(079903). This is a new, refurbished office with an estimate of more than $10 million spent. To view the new outlook, kindly visit:

How do you justify your pricing scheme?

We are one of the lowest priced virtual office solutions for a new refurbished office; with intentions to stay in this industry for the long term - for at least the next 10-20 years due to the heavy initial investment costs of the renovation and technology. We use only the latest technology to enhance customer value. To view the reasons why we're different from other virtual office operators, kindly visit

What is the official registered address?

The address is 10 Anson Road #18-17, International Plaza, Singapore 079903. To view the location, please visit upon which a link to a map layout may be obtained.

What if there is a walk in customer for me?

The layout of the office premises is designed in such a way that when clients visit the premises, the company signage greets them first, followed by our friendly receptionist. In the event of a walk-in customer, they will be immediately ushered to a large conference room (subject to availability) or to a waiting area which is beside a long and wide passageway leading to the entrance of our serviced offices. In this way, clients are given the impression that you may be working in one of the offices located at the end of the passageway.
Utilizing the intercom system located at the front desk, our receptionist can alert our consultants located in the back office to entertain your guests
You will be immediately notified of your customer's visit and we will await further instructions

What is the prefix of the dedicated line and fax number?

The prefix is the CBD (Central Business District) prefix which begins with 6338 _ _ _ _

How fast is the delivery of faxes?

Immediate. At X-synergy, we understand that our client's immediate response time as crucial. As such, using our technology, all faxes will be converted to .pdf and emailed to your designated emails immediately upon receiving the faxes. An sms/email/phone/fax notification will be relayed to the client immediately. The hardcopy will be filed at our premises and you may choose to collect them when you collect your mails. To view .pdf files, kindly download the free viewer at

How fast is the mail notification/redirection?

Immediate. An sms/email/phone/fax will be sent out immediately upon receiving the mail However, mail notifications may take 2 - 4 working days due to volume of mails.

Can I choose not to redirect but self collect?

Basic Package clients can only self-collect mails. Higher end packages may opt for the receptionist to request whether they wish to redirect or self-collect. Being located in such a convenient location, most of our clients do not mind dropping by the office to collect their mails.

Where is the location of the company signage?

Your company signage will be imprinted on glass with a spotlight shining on it. It will be at the main entrance and will greet the person when he or she first enters the office.

Is a company signage required by law?

It is not required by law, but we still include it in the higher packages to display your company presence in the event of a walk-in customer. For those who wish to have more branding, you may opt to display your company name display on the exterior of the premises, overlooking the main lift lobby. Please note that additional charges apply.

How do I sign up?

Please visit and click submit to send us your particulars. You will be redirected to a Paypal online purchase window. Kindly select your desired package and proceed with the instructions to sign up with Paypal. After signing up with Paypal, payment may be made via Visa/Mastercard. Millions are doing it the Paypal way. It's fast, easy and secured. For other modes of payments besides online, kindly visit

How do I begin opening a business/company in Singapore?

Obtain your business address. Register with ACRA ( Open a corporate account with your local bank. It's that simple. For free consultation 24 hours, kindly call the sales hotline +65 6338 6880. We will help in any way we can, without any charges.


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